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What is Reiki?

Rei Ki
Universal Life Force

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is an ancient healing art rediscovered by Dr. Mikaomi Usui about 100 years ago. We all have Reiki energy (Universal Life Force Energy), it is our birthright. We are Reiki; all of us are made of Universal Life Force Energy. Even science now recognizes that all things animate and inanimate are energy vibration. Reiki is the art of channeling Universal Life Force Energy to promote spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing in yourself and others.

Becoming a healer means dedication to your own path of Truth and Love. Reiki is the art of living and at the deepest level, Reiki is Oneness.

The more completely we surrender to the Universal Life Force Energy, the more open we become to its transformative power. Reiki accelerates our spiritual growth. Reiki opens a door to our true essence, our soul self. Reiki provides a heightened state of awareness of Self. The repetitive use of Reiki enables this awareness to grow.

Reiki is truly a gift to oneself. Reiki is spiritual discipline. Taking responsibility for all that we create in our lives is one of the keys in Reiki. Only you determine your own rate of development, by your level of dedication to Self and your own path to Truth and Love.

Reiki assists in the clarity of balance and harmony in Body, Mind and Soul.

Reiki History

Dr. Mikoami Usui rediscovered Reiki in the late 1800s after searching 14 years for the key to healing the body, mind and soul. Dr. Usui obtained a doctorate in scripture. Through his studies he discovered many parallels between Jesus and Buddha, who both healed the sick and raised the dead.

Dr. Usui journeyed through monasteries in Japan learning all he could about the Buddhist way of healing. With a firm foundation in spiritual healing, and an insatiable desire for ancient texts, Dr. Usui learned Sanskrit and went to India. Within original Sanskrit texts were the symbols, the key to Buddhas healings. He realized he had the keys, but not the power. Dr. Usui turned to the source of that power, the power within. He retreated to the mountains to meditate and cleanse. During his 21 day sabbatical, during meditation he saw the symbols again, only this time he felt their power throughout his entire being. (Similar to the 21 day cleansing that we go through after each Reiki Attunement.) Dr. Usui became one with himself, mind, body and soul through his meditation on the mountain, asking for the power to heal and then leaving himself open to receive it. He then became aware that the power was there the whole time within himself, within each of us; the key was to have Faith in the Source enough to accept the Truth of our own power, and the responsibilities that go with it.

Dr. Usui passed his knowledge on to several others. One of his students, Mr. Hayashi, a commander in the Imperial Navy of Japan, became a Reiki Master and leader of other Reiki teachers. It was Mr. Hayashi who brought Reiki to the United States on a visit to Hawaii in 1936. There are now more than 1.5 million Reiki Masters around the world today. Thank you Dr. Mikoami Usui.

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner

As a Reiki student you will go through a series of initiations called Attunements that will open, align and cleanse your chakras and Aura, preparing them for the channeling of the higher vibrations of Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is one of the few healing methods utilizes Attunements (or initiations). Your Attunements will be performed by your Reiki Master/Teacher. He or She will perform a ceremony using Universal Life Force Energy to place the Reiki symbols within your chakras, aura and hands.

Within each Attunement there will become a different degree of awareness and distinction of energies for you. Each individuals experience is unique with Attunements. Each Attunement will increase your energy vibration. As your energy vibration increases a 21 day cleansing will occur, this process relieves blockages within the chakras due to negative belief patterns and emotional storage. Each cleansing varies from person to person. The cleansing process may contain: frequent urination and bowel movements, a change in color, odor, and consistency of urine and bowel movements. Excessive perspiration or a change in body odor may occur. These are just a few possibilities that many students have experienced with the cleansing process associated with Reiki Attunements.

The responsibility is yours to maintain the higher vibration of your energy that comes with Reiki. This wisdom comes through the experience of performing Reiki, on yourself and others. Maintaining this level of vibration means dedication to Self and your own path to Truth and Love.

The Three Reiki Degrees

First Degree

Offers you the education of Reiki, what Reiki is, the Reiki principles and how Reiki works. It also includes insight into the seven main chakras, their corresponding colors, content and functions. You will learn the basic hand positions used and the cycles within each hand position during a Reiki session. The first three Reiki symbols will be revealed to you. Suggestions will be given on creating a space for Reiki sessions, client consultation and visualization during a Reiki session. Your first Attunement will be given. The intent of this Attunement is to open your Crown Chakra to the flow of Universal Life Force Energy, to cleanse, balance and harmonize all chakras, bringing together body and soul, increasing your awareness of both. After your first Attunement you will have the opportunity to use the symbols and hand positions in a session with your Master/Teacher. This will be a one hour session. Your Reiki Master/Teacher will provide time to discuss your experience and address any questions following your Reiki session.

Second Degree 

There will be a minimum of 21 days between your Reiki I
and Reiki II Degrees. This allows your cleansing process to be complete and gives you sufficient time to study and experience Reiki. You will be tested on the symbols and their meanings, the seven main chakras, their corresponding colors, and their content. You will learn about working with color in a Reiki session, and the healing aspects of color. You will also learn the importance of chakra balancing and the sensing of energy. Two more symbols and different hand positions will be given to you. Group healing, distance healing and the intent behind Reiki sessions will be discussed. Your second Attunement will be given, and again you will have a practice session with your Reiki Master/Teacher. Experience discussion and questions will follow. The intent of your second attunement is to increase your awareness of your intuition.

Third Degree - Reiki Master/Teacher 

Again there will be a minimum of 21 days between your Reiki II and Reiki III
degrees to allow your cleansing process to be complete and give you sufficient time to study and experience Reiki. You will learn the benefits of sound in Reiki sessions. You will be provided with the basic technique for passing Attunements and suggestions will be made for using the Reiki symbols. The intent behind Reiki and the ethics of a Reiki practitioner will be discussed, including dedication to oneself through Reiki. You will be given a Reiki session prior to your attunement from your Reiki Master/Teacher. Following your Attunement you will provide a Reiki session for your Reiki Master/Teacher. The intent of this Attunement is to align your lower 3 chakras with your upper 4 chakras. This will allow you to direct an abundance of energy. Reiki Mastership and the responsibilities that come with it will be discussed, as well as suggested guidelines and techniques to use as a Teacher of Reiki.

The Five Reiki Principles

The Five Reiki Principles were originally created as guidelines for a fulfilled life by Meiji Emperor of Japan from 1868-1912, they were adopted by Dr. Usui to incorporate into our lives, and assist our channeling of Universal Life Force Energy.

1. Dont get angry today

There is nothing wrong with anger. It is a warning that we are trying to control the natural flow of life. When you feel angry, acknowledge it, examine it and release it. Learning to process and take responsibility for our own emotions and feelings, allows us to have the emotional release without it absorbing Self.

2. Dont worry today

The source of worry is fear. We create worry by wondering what if? We place negative focus on situations, usually focusing on the lack of something. This creates stress and more worry. The need to worry does not exist in any of us. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isnt here yet. Enjoy where you are, right here, right now. Cross those other bridges when you come to them, youll find that what you need will always be provided for you exactly when you need it. Let go and live in the moment. No worries mate.

3. Be grateful today

As we live in the moment, we begin to experience life innocently, as if seeing it all for the very first time, each moment becomes a whole magical experience. Constant gratitude for every experience allows us to discover our own place within this wonderful existence. Look with wide eyes at everything and everyone around you and be grateful for the whole as well as its parts.

4. Work hard today

This principle does not mean go out and work 13 hours a day. In fact, the term "work hard" means, to work on ourselves, devoting time to spiritual growth and meditation. Some would ask: who has time for that? I say: You do. "Working hard" on the outside transforms into "dedication to self" on the inside, where apathy has no place. The outside contains goals and plans, the inside contains only the moment. By living in the moment, even at work, awareness of the moment actually becomes meditation. So by becoming aware of everything in the moment we are working hard today.

5. Be kind to myself, others, and every living thing today

Be gentle with yourself; treat yourself with respect and kindness. You are the only you that you have, cherish it. Look into your own eyes in the mirror and say "I Love You." Stroke a pet, water a plant, hug a tree. Smile at everyone, hold the door for someone, say please and thank-you. It is the simple common courtesies that sometimes are forgotten. Kindness is contagious, and what comes around, goes around, so be kind to yourself, others and every living thing today.

How does Reiki work?

The electromagnetic field or Aura that emanates from all things consists of one or more colors. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white, with variations in shade and tone. These colors are produced by seven energy meridians of the body called chakras. The amount of energy produced by a chakra or a group of chakras determines the dominant color of the auric field.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light."

The spinning of the individual chakra creates energy; the frequency is what determines the color of a chakra.

As energy enters the body it moves upward from one chakra to the next. This energy can be lost or blocked if a chakra is malfunctioning. A fully functioning chakra will spin in a clockwise direction (when a person is viewed from the front), so the energy will travel upward to the next chakra. When energy encounters a chakra that is not spinning, spinning counterclockwise, or not functioning properly, the energy will dissipate, lay stagnate or leave the system. Chakras that are not fully functioning indicate weakness within the chakra, which blocks the energy flow. The chakras direction of rotation, diameter and shape indicate the condition of its energy and the health of the surrounding organs and external parts of the body.

Chakra movement can be seen, similar to seeing an Aura, felt or sensed physically or empathetically, during a Reiki treatment. Each practitioners experience with this will be as unique as they are.

During a Reiki treatment the Reiki practitioner places his/her hands on the chakra points of the client. Pure Universal Life Force Energy is then channeled through the hands of the practitioner into the chakra point of the client. The energy channeled in will influence the condition of the chakra by changing the vibration frequency of the chakra to become harmonious, healthy and fully functioning. This change in the individual chakras opens each chakra to each other, creating balance and continuity of all chakras. This allows energy to flow through the system fluidly creating a connection for mind, body and soul. This is Oneness.

What causes a chakra to malfunction?

Toxins in our environment, food, water, prescription drugs, street drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and even our thoughts and emotions, all have an energy vibration which influences the energy of our Being. Each chakra contains and represents certain thoughts and emotions and is thus influenced by fluctuations in those thoughts and emotions. As the energy vibration shifts with certain thoughts and emotions, so does the energy of its coordinating chakra.



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