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Vocal Toning for the Chakras

Sound Healing is the use of sound to create balance within the physical body through the energy meridians called "cha
kras." There are several modalities of sound healing which include instruments as well as voice applications. Sound Healing is a vibratory therapy that can be classified as energetic healing.

The use of sound and music for healing can be found in many ancient spiritual and sacred traditions, but the art of Sound Healing has only recently been introduced to the arena of healing arts and traditional allopathic medicine. As individuals we have been blessed with our own unique healing tool, our voice. Toning is a term used to describe the use of the voice to bring balance to the energetic system. Sighing, moaning, and groaning sounds that we frequently make are all aspects of toning.

Every physical body has its own unique vibratory rate, our uniquely individual voices contain the special harmonic resonance to bring our own vibratory rates into balance.

Sound can rearrange molecular structures, facilitating healing. Overtoning is a technique in which a Sound Healer will use their voice to scan the physical body of a client and then project vocal harmonic overtones into an energy meridian or an imbalanced part of the body. The Sound Healer will be able to hear and sense the subtle changes in tone when they come across a imbalance, they will then project a certain harmonic to that area. When the harmonic becomes less audible or disappears and the tone has more clarity the sounding for that area is complete.

The basic principle of Sound Healing is resonance; every object animate and inanimate is in a state of vibration and therefore creates sound. When the objects are vibrating at there optimal rate then they are in perfect harmony, perfect health, when the vibratory rate is out of balance and in disharmony this can create dis-ease. Using sound to project resonant frequencies can bring back perfect harmony, perfect health and bring back that natural state of balance to the rate of vibration.

There is a Life Force Energy that animates us. The physical body is a vessel for this energy, a Temple of flesh and bone. The Life Force Energy sustains our physical existence, it keeps our heart beating, our blood flowing and our lungs breathing. It is our SOUL. This energy sustains all life. It suspends and rotates our planets, gives life to nature, creates gravity and the breath of wind. The physical animation of this energy within our bodies is the electron and the atom. It is the combination of these elements that creates DNA.

All things in life, animate and inanimate are created from the same elements, (atom and electron) in different combinations. The different combinations of elements create a unique vibration rate or frequency. Each of us has our own frequency or personal vibration, as does everything in life. This energy emits from all things like an invisible energy field, the energy field is called an Aura. As energetic beings our electromagnetic field or Aura that emanates from us consists of one or more colors. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white, with variations in shade and tone. These colors are produced by seven energy meridians of the body called chakras. The amount of energy produced by a chakra or group of chakras determines the dominant color of the auric field.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light." The spinning of the individual chakra creates energy, the frequency is what determines the color of a chakra. Our energy moves upward from one chakra to the next. This energy can be lost or blocked if a chakra is malfunctioning. A fully functioning chakra will spin in a clockwise direction (when a person is viewed from the front), so the energy will travel upward to the next chakra. When energy encounters a chakra that is not spinning, spinning counterclockwise, or not functioning properly, the energy will dissipate, lay stagnate or leave the system. Chakras that are not fully functioning indicate weakness within the chakra which blocks the energy flow. The chakras direction of rotation, diameter and shape indicate the condition of its energy and the health of the surrounding organs and external parts of the body. Chakra movement can be seen, similar to seeing an Aura, felt, or sensed physically or empathically. Toning for the chakras using sound will influence the condition of the chakras by changing the vibratory frequency of the chakras to become harmonious, healthy and fully functioning. This change in the individual chakras opens each chakra to each other, creating balance and continuity of all chakras. This allows energy to flow through the system fluidly creating a connection for mind, body, and spirit. This is Oneness.

There are many causes for chakra malfunction. Toxins in our environment, food, water, prescription drugs, street drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and even our thoughts and emotions, all have a energy vibration which influences the energy of our being. Each chakra contains and represents certain aspects of self, physically, mentally and emotionally and is thus influenced by fluctuations in those aspects of self. As the energy vibration shifts with certain thoughts, emotions and physical actions, so does the energy of its coordinating chakra.

In laboratory energetic experiments, scientist discovered that by adding different vibratory frequencies to a drop of water, it would actually change the DNA structure of the droplet. Under close view of the microscope the scientists observed the geometric genetic patterns change before their eyes. The conclusion: Energy is effected by Energy.

In studies done on human nature it has been discovered that our thoughts and emotions have energies of their own. Every thought we have and every emotion we feel affects our personal energy frequency. These "energy shifts" can be caused by various influential forms of energy in our environment. Some examples of environmental energies are:

  • People: all having their own frequency
  • Places: nature, amusement parks, work
  • Things: music, pictures, candles

External influences or energies impact our own frequency through positive (love) energy or negative (fear) energy. In comparing the frequency of Love and Fear energies, it has been determined that Fear based emotion vibrates at a significantly lower rate than Love based emotion. The lower frequency of Fear based emotion causes our heart rate and breathing to increase in speed and become erratic. This is the physical effect of the emotion felt. This is the energetic influence that occurs in our bodies every day.

Once the influence is identified and the resulting emotions and physical reactions are analyzed, we can then come to understand the relationship between our own energies and the energies of our environment. This awareness allows us the ability to make conscious, informed choices about what affects us and how to apply it to our own vibratory frequency.

The application of harmonic frequencies through sound healing can evoke positive, loving, harmonious emotions that support a higher frequency. The more time we spend experiencing our natural higher state of vibration, the easier it becomes to influence and change lower, negative, conflicting energies. In fact, in time they will not be able to exist in your energy field. Mastering recognition of our natural higher state of being comes with really knowing who and what we are, which allows us to differentiate our own energy from someone or something else’s. To know that we are created from the highest purest form of energy there is, LOVE.

We are electromagnetic energy fueled by a common source, as are all things, and our energy vibrates at a personal rate and emanates from us, creating vibratory changes in our experience. Our energy is influenced by external and internal energies of thought and emotion. Responsibility, awareness, and familiarity of our own energy will assist us in maintaining a higher vibration.

Research, experience and time have proven that the way to realizing our desires and achieving our dreams is through a working knowledge and understanding of the Life Force Energy that fuels us. As we realize our power of control and abilities to change our thoughts and emotions to a higher vibration, we begin to change our experience and beliefs. Sound healing is just one of the many healing modalities that we can use to facilitate these changes within.


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