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* Transform * Create

  • Have fulfilling relationships with friends, loved ones, co-workers and family
  • Develop powerful habits focused productive thought and purposeful action
  • Create balance and harmony with career, hobbies and home life
  • Become more efficient and effective career and home life
  • Become more authentic and accountable to your goals and values
  • Remove obstacles, release fear, worry and stress
  • Change limiting beliefs
  • Discover your deepest values
  • Develop an inspiring vision for your life
  • Live the life of your dreams

We start with an inventory of the Whole Self that resides within, including the foundations of relationships, health, career and Self-Care/Spirituality. In search of areas that are being neglected and not truly honored.

We identify and bring to awareness the areas which may be stagnate or have been dormant for many years, which may require attention , action or release.

We determine and prioritize important goals and values. Becoming clearly aware of where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

The answers lie within you. All you need is a helping hand.

Life Coaching provides the tools and techniques for Self-Awareness, Empowerment and Inspiration. Life Coaching helps you believe in yourself.

Give yourself the Gift of the Best Life.

Junel Bacigalupo, B.Msc
Holistic Counselor/Life Coach
Reiki Master/Teacher
Ordained Non-Denominational Minister/Spiritual Advisor

All sessions are also available remotely by phone, text, email or Skype as well as in person.



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